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Monday, September 7, 2009

Grumblings and BBQs

I wrote Look in the Mirror as a follow up to Lost Dreams and a lot of the comments that people posted. It is flattering to know that so many of you related to what I wrote. I write mostly from my own head but others experiences to play into them as well. The poem today was written right after Look in the Mirror as I wasn't have the best morning. Grumblings with daughter number 2 and the husband left me .... well grumpy and the following spilled out. You will be glad to know the day did end on a brighter note. We went to a BBQ with both daughters, although youngest daughter whined so much we dropped her off at a friends house. The rest of the afternoon was very pleasant, sun shinning and not too hot. I was in a Trivial Pursuit challenge and made it to the finals and lost on a sushi question...sushi refers to the rice by the way.Was gutted as sushi is one of my favorite foods, must learn more about what I am eating I suppose.

Anyway, I am posting the poem since it was written and valid at the time and hopefully some of you can relate again.


I'm  having one of those days again,
Every effort made is just a pain.

Leave me alone and let me be,
The fog over my head is suiting me.

Sometimes it's best to feel the hurt,
Then speak your mind no matter how curt.

Damn the reprecusions, it shouldn't matter,
The honesty shouldn't make the loved ones scatter.

If they run, then fuck them all,
I wasn't meant to be, I won't crawl.

Tomorrow is always another day,
If I work hard I'll make my way.

No truer friend is there than me.
So stick around and you will see.

I pull my self up off the ground,
And bounce right back sane and sound.