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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Rerun

I was going over some of my original posts....when No one and I mean No one read my blog...if they did I didn't know it. Anyway, I like this one, it was obviously written during a bit of a difficult time and it was nice to reread and know this toxic friend is no longer a bother to me, it took a long time to realize it even after I wrote this. I hate to admit failure but in the end I am better off for it.... A lesson learned.

Farewell my friend,
I am going away.
It may sound dramatic,
But it is better this way.

To any who read this,
And think it is them.
There won't be an outing
No reason to condemn.

I treasure my friends.
For who ever they are.
The part that they play,
From near and afar.

As they ebb and flow,
With the tides of time.
Each leaves a mark
In this life sublime.

Most friends delight me,
And offer direction.
These friends I cherish,
By returning affection.

There is always one,
All they do is take.
Wasting your soul
For their own sake.

To this friend I say,
Farewell to your malice.
Let someone else be martyr
In your ice palace.

I walk away,
And with few tears.
And be thankful I'm smarter,
Immune to your jeers.