Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Reelin' In The Years"

I have been lucky enough to see many concerts this year with a lot more lined up. I get notifications from the leading ticket sales companies telling me who is coming to town and I buy what I can. Steely Dan was one of these groups and when I looked at the ticket prices I decided to take a pass. I have seen them before, way back in the late 80's but they are a favorite of mine so I was disappointed to miss them. Then, to my surprise, I get an email from Steve A who blogs at Long Haired Boy, that he has two tickets he can't use. Seems his trip to Boston was cancelled. Would I like them, he wants to know? OF COURSE I would. Steve A has been a great friend, not only supporting my blog but also supporting my concert addiction. He was kind enough, before, to pass on some unusable tickets to Jeff Beck.

My husband and I headed into Boston early so get some dinner and drinks. We settled in at a bar/pub/brewery called Rock Bottom and enjoyed some appetizers. We still had time so we wandered around and explored Chinatown and the streets of the theater district. There were a lot of people out and about and the atmosphere was great. It was warm and the walk was pleasant.

Waiting to go into the Wang Theater and looking around the crowd was definitely older. Most concerts I go to I feel like I'm the oldest. It was nice to "fit in".

We bought some tee shirts, got a couple of drinks and found our seats. They were fabulous. The show started right on time. I don't remember the name of the opening band but they were ok. A jazz group that didn't leave a huge impression on me. Steely Dan however was great.

They jumped right in and played the entire The Royal Scam album [yes album, it was vinyl when I bought it the first time in 1979]. This was followed by 8 or 9 of their  big hits. There were a few of those I didn't know but just a couple. I can sing along with just about all of their songs. It was a perfect night to attend since The Royal Scam is my favorite and contains my favorite Dan song The Caves of Altamira.

My husband introduced my to Steely Dan in college and it was great to share this night with him. We don't share too many bands in common but this is one of the first we bonded over in those early years of dating. [unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures]

Thank you again Steve and don't forget there is a ticket to Beady Eye for you. I hope you can make it.

Below are a few of my favorites of Steely Dan. What are yours?

The Caves of Altamira

Kid Charlemagne

Reelin' in the Years


Eva Gallant said...

So glad you got to attend the concert you wanted. Nice that you were able to get tickets that way!

Expat From Hell said...

Saw them in 1975 (Long Beach Arena, CA), and was a fan forever thereafter. Gotta love My Old School! Great post. Geez, I get choked up thinking about going to see Jeff Beck again. Keep up the great work here! EFH

Brian Miller said...

nice...i would mind seeing steely dan at all...very cool that you got to go...

MiMi said...

You are SUCH a rocker! :)

SteveA said...

Steely Dan....I'm glad this band has such warm, and intimate memories for you...sharing music with someone is an experience especially with your husband.

I was so glad I could have given you the tixs...that entire area in Boston, with the bars, restaurants and theatres is just magical. Everytime I'm there I just enjoy the people and atmosphere - I'm glad you made it an evening - its truly one of my favorite places to be!

For me, I remember playing the vinyl records with y brother and sis was the biggest fan of is three. My fave songs are:-

Ricky Don't Lose that Number;
Hey 19;
Any Major Dude Will Tell; and of course:
Reelin in the Years.

I so love this band, and I'm glad you do too...and that you shared it with your hubby :)

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

sounds like a great concert!
so glad you had a totally enjoyable evening.

happy sunday!