Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Justifiable Homicide Tuesday - Monday is such a punk

"Monday is such a punk" as posted on my FB by a coworker. He couldn't have said it better. Had enough crap this weekend with a busted dishwasher, water under the linoleum and more snow and freezing rain. Now Monday has to be a bitch.

I have had an 80 gig classic ipod, the thing was great. Held all my music and worked all the time....but I lost it. The last time I saw it was in my car on New Year's Day. My daughter was playing DJ as I drove her home from a party. Then it vanished. I have searched my car and house to no avail. I'd search daughter's room but it scares me. Oh well an excuse to get a new ipod touch. My oldest got one for Christmas and it is pretty cool. I secured a 32 gig and have enjoyed it since. I could watch movies at the gym, I can even get Netflix since we could steal use wifi from a neighboring store.

You guessed it, I lost it. The ipod, not my mind [sort of] I lost my mind when I couldn't find it. Again the last place it was seen was in my car. We searched my car, the couch [also known for eating things, but it prefers glasses] We searched my bedroom. No luck. My oldest suggests I look through the tote bag I take to work, "I have, three times," I insisted. I looked again, this time checking the outside pockets and there it was. Rejoice.... no kidding, I was thrilled.

I went to Starbucks after work Monday  morning to kill some time before my gyno appt [hooray] I sit down on a comfy chair and put my phone and ipod on the arm as I get situated and the ipod slips off onto the concrete floor........ Yep, smashed the glass, irreparable. I wanted to cry, newly found and now broken.


All is not lost, Apple tells me I can switch it for a new one for $150. I have an appointment at the Genius Bar on Saturday. Wish me luck, it seems to simple to be true.

So how was your Monday?

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Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Ooh, I too have lost things just to find them much later. I feel both relieved and stupid at the same time!

Good luck with the genius bar, my experience is those little skinny geeks can work total magic!

Eva Gallant said...

What's an Ipod? See how old I am?

Joshua said...

I bought a new car. Conned them out of about six large, too. Suckers. Had to buy one, though, because of the collision. So just think, you're only out $150. I dropped $4,000 yesterday and had to finance the rest.

But that was February. It's in the past. BRING IT ON, MARCH!

Cathy said...

Oh, that sucks!

JT dropped our laptop a while back and we needed a new screen. We got one online. Check out Mission Repair.

They fix all types of things including smashed screens. Not sure if it'll be any cheaper, but worth a look.

Hopefully March proves to be better!

MiMi said...

That makes my stomach hurt.
I have a (shh don't laugh) 4 GB ipod. Really oldschool and I can't imagine having to replace all of those songs! UGH!

Brian Miller said...

ugh. sorry about the ipod...i think my monday this week had an offspring named tuesday...

DCHY said...

Get an Otterbox. My wife uses one. Has saved her iPhone from damage countless times. Damn the price, get one.

Georgina Dollface said...

Ouch! I am such a clutz that I bought a thic, black, silicon cover for my iPod. It looks like the thing is wrapped up in a snow tire, but its pretty much idiots proof now. Hope you can get your broken one replaced! - G