Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Rerun-No Good-byes

 originally posted May 19, 2009

I am entering this poem in a local newspaper poetry contest... wish me luck

No Good-byes

How do friendships end this way.
Buried and dead and packed away.
Any good long ago forgotten,
Nothing left, just a smell so rotten.

No "talk to you later" or good-byes,
Just silence and stillness the only prize .
Who really cares what has transpired,
No regard of what anyone else required.

Left with words that should not be spoken,
Cruel and hurtful, surely the intended token.
Said for effect, but not worth a mention,
All thoughts of healing in suspension.

Nothing important came my way,
Little did others understand my display.
Living my life as I always do,
Hoping to find friends to guide me through.

Sometimes lucky in this quest,
Finding true friends, and certainly blessed.
Tried and true they are my might,
Kept close to me, always in sight.

Flowery prose, won't change the thought.
The meaning of what each one has brought.
The friendships dead and in the past,
Are purged and replaced at long last.


Eternally Distracted said...

Very nice... sending lots of luck to you. Keep us posted!

WhiteSockGirl said...

I am wishing you good luck, but with your talent, you don't need it!

It is an awesome poem.

I did not know that you are into entering contest,... I have a link to a contest that you might be interested in. It so right for you. I think I have your e-mail address, ... will just check for it again!

WhiteSockGirl said...

Again,.. I sent you the link. If you did not get it, just let me know.

Adoption Of Jane Ug-LBC said...

I like

blueviolet said...

I really like this and I wish the best of luck in the contest! :)

Georgina said...

Good luck! A sad poem but one that I think many people can relate to at one point or other in their life. -G

Elizabeth said...

Best of luck; I always enjoy reading your poems!
Happy New Year, New England Bloggers!

Our 1-year anniversary is coming up Jan 27. To mark the occasion I am going to put up a Mr. Linky on the evening of Mon, Jan 25. If you'd like to write a post about living in NE, your favorite places to visit, NE authors or books, whatever interests you. I'd also like a little idea of # of participants, if you could just send me a reply.
I apologize if you are getting this twice. Many people haven't given me emails so I have to leave it in the comments.

This Mama Works It! said...

This is a great poem. Good luck and I hope you win! I found your blog through Theta Mom. And I am glad I did it is great. I am a follower now ;)

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

very nice. I wish my brain worked this way. poems are too advanced.

Theta Mom said...

Good luck! Let us know how it goes!!!

Ryhen's Mind said...

Hey, Vodka Logic. What a nice name, and nice poem, I might add. Good luck with the contest. I'll try to catch up with your post and maybe get to express the same logic you have.

Peace and respect,

Steven Anthony said...

with such a beautiful poem I dont think you will need luck, but I send some your way anyways...

truly powerful words

peace my friend

Joshua said...

Good luck to you.

I haven't written a poem in a while; too much time spent on the book and kids and exercise.

Brian Miller said...

very nice. there is a power to the wishes for the contest.

Maven said...

You have perfectly described the death of a friendship. This was powerful and sad all at once.

The best of luck!!!!!

"And so our stories go..." said...

If a poem evokes feelings in me then I know it's good...your poem did that...and I'm still thinking about friendships that have gone sour and I regret. Thanks and good luck.

Alice in Wonderland said...

This is very good! I really loved it. I think that a lot of people will relate to it!
I've not had the time to do any of my poetry lately, but I think that it was probably getting a bit stale.
Good luck in the competition!
Big Hugs!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

What a poignant piece! Good luck, though I know you don't need it! :)

Trac~ said...

What a great poem! Good luck and let us know how it turns out! :o)

AnnQ said...

Fantsatic poem....definitely describing the demise of a friendship.

Allyson said...

It's so...haunting. It's the demise of a friendship, but for me, too, the loss of a life. Maybe too much CNN lately. Lots of luck with your entry! Do you have others?

Erin said...

Good Luck! It's a fabulous poem and I can definitely relate to those sentiments. Funny how fleeting some friendships can be---even some of the ones you thought would last forever....

BLOGitse said...

I really like this poem.
It's like from my life! :)
Silence. arrgh...
But that's life. We people are...selfish.
And shame. If we are ashamed of something it's very difficult to be a backbone and say I'm sorry, forgive me...

Great poem, good luck!