Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Rerun

I was going over some of my original posts....when No one and I mean No one read my blog...if they did I didn't know it. Anyway, I like this one, it was obviously written during a bit of a difficult time and it was nice to reread and know this toxic friend is no longer a bother to me, it took a long time to realize it even after I wrote this. I hate to admit failure but in the end I am better off for it.... A lesson learned.

Farewell my friend,
I am going away.
It may sound dramatic,
But it is better this way.

To any who read this,
And think it is them.
There won't be an outing
No reason to condemn.

I treasure my friends.
For who ever they are.
The part that they play,
From near and afar.

As they ebb and flow,
With the tides of time.
Each leaves a mark
In this life sublime.

Most friends delight me,
And offer direction.
These friends I cherish,
By returning affection.

There is always one,
All they do is take.
Wasting your soul
For their own sake.

To this friend I say,
Farewell to your malice.
Let someone else be martyr
In your ice palace.

I walk away,
And with few tears.
And be thankful I'm smarter,
Immune to your jeers.


Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

Great poem and I know all about that toxic friend - it's hard and can hurt but you are definately better off in the long run!

otin said...

Everyone seems to have a toxic blood sucker of a friend!

Concord Carpenter said...

Great poem - Good riddance

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Great. I have a friend who could use that right now. I am going to send her over to read this!

Sandy said...

Very good. I suppose we've all had a toxic friend at one time or another.

pilgrimchick said...

I've thought a lot about going back and looking at my old posts. I'm curious what there is to find.

Your poem is wonderful.

Maya said...

Great poem. I'm glad to see you bringing back old posts. I've thought about it myself.

*uncorked said...

Love the poem - I've been in that situation more than once and all you can do is cut loose. Hope you had a great weekend :)

adrienzgirl said...

I love your poems!

Melissa B. said...

You have a lovely way with words, my dear...

freelancerforhire said...

I have quite a few (former) friends that this poem applies to in my life. It's always nice to know you're not the only one going through one thing or another....Stopping by from SITS.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Love this poem! I had one of those toxic friends... 'had' being the key word before I got wise... ;)

plainolebob said...

VL, man you is somethin, always full of surprises.
I knew who I would have loved to have sent this to, but no longer any need.

Adam said...

i would have loved to see you work in the line:

peace out bitches!

MiMi said...

Yeah!! Toxic friendships are b/s. I hate when that happens!

Sophia's Mom said...

Beautifully written as usual.
I'm glad you decided to part from your toxic friend. They are worse than an enemy because they are so close!

blueviolet said...

Yes, it's wonderful to be rid of people that just suck our energy and bring only negativity.

I loved the poem.

Stephanie Faris said...

Wow. This is very moving! I too repost things on Sundays that I wrote back when no one here on Blogger was reading. It gives those things a chance to get seen again. It's a shame that most of the time a blog only gets posted once and then it's gone.

Laszlo Brown said...

Solid and true.

caron said...

Love the poem!! I've been dealing with this's hard to know when you need to stick around and when you need to let go...

Cathy said...

Great poem! Glad you're rid of that "friend".

Gloria said...

Oh . . I so like this one. I have a 'friend' that I could send this too . . all take and no give!!

I am your 22nd commenter so you're doing something right!

Brian Miller said...

been there, felt that...sometimes we are beeter off without the toxicity...hope you have a great week!