Monday, November 16, 2009

Follow-ups and Blog Follower Fluctuation

First of all I want to thank everyone for their imput on my Chicken Logic post.  I guess I have to expect some evolution in my blog over time. I started the blog originally to post my poetry but as I have explained poems can't be forced. They just pop into my head and end up on paper, good or bad. And since I didn't want too long of gaps in the blog I added more traditional blogs. Anyway I have said all this before so won't go over it again.

I have tried to respond to most of the comments that I have received lately. They come to my Blackberry so it is easy to type of a quick reply. The insight in some of the replies has been heartwarming and helpful. The back and forth emails a learning experience.

This brings me to my followers. I have noticed a fluctuation of the numbers over the last few days. Don't know why for the most part. Maybe some have stopped reading blogs or aren't interested in mine anymore, I don't know. I do know that some follow and then never come back. That's cool too. I have to admit it is a bit heady to see the numbers go up. Nice to think that people are enjoying and maybe getting something out of what you write.

 I follow a fair amount of blogs and do my best to keep up. But with a full time job, a family and just life I can't always.. we all understand. Sometimes I find myself not enjoying a blog  much anymore so I may stop reading it for awhile. There are a few that I  visit and comment on and I have noticed they don't reciprocate. That for the most part is fine, but, and think most of us will agree, the comments often  expand on the post. It also lets the blogger know what people think. I admit I am more inclined to comment on the ones that I see around the blogosphere commenting away, and on mine too.

I try to relate my comments to the post at hand and depending I "try" to be funny or insightful, at least be appropriate. Well it seems I have put off one of my followers. She didn't see the humor in my comment and felt insulted. She let me know with a subtle comment on one of  my posts and has stopped following me. Not having had direct communication with this blogger I don't know that I am right in my assumption but never the less I sent an email appologizing for the misunderstanding and hoped they understood I was trying to be funny. This blogger has a fun blog and I never thought I would be offending them.  I have done what I think is right to this point and they can either take my word or not. So be it. In the grand scheme of things we are strangers and I won't lose sleep over it. This blogger has a very large following so I would have thought they have had a misunderstanding or two before. Regardless I will continue to enjoy their blog. They even wrote once that they don't drop blogs just stop reading, I guess there is a first for everything and it was me.

I also had a lot of fun replies on my last post I am full of Glee. So nice to see so many enjoying the show. As someone pointed out it is the quirky shows that get dropped..let's hope this one survives. I like having a name for us all too.... Gleeks.

On my right side bar I have posted the awards I have been honored to receive. Soon I will pass the newest  along to some of the great deserving blogs I have come across. In the meantime please know I am flattered. This blog world is certainly a wide open place full of different and interesting characters... I see reality that  I would watch.


Theta Mom said...

Always love coming to your blog and do my best to comment as much as I can. I, like you, have a life to lead and sometimes there just isn't enough hours in the day.

I also love tweeting with you! I find through twitter, you can advance a discussion/conversation there as well.

Keep pluggin girl, cause I love your blog. ;)

Adam said...

I'm glad you said this. I am amazed at what people take personally. We are all voyeurs in YOUR life.

Its you're world, we just live in it!

blueviolet said...

That's the problem with the written word. As so many people have said before, there should be a sarcasm font, then perhaps misunderstandings wouldn't occur.

Perhaps that person will realize that you certainly didn't mean anything hurtful by your comment and come back.

I'm glad you've expanded beyond poetry so that we can read your blog more frequently! :)

Cathy said...

I'm a relatively new follower, and I'm still here! Isn't it interesting how we can get caught up in the virtual life we've got going?! Who's commenting, who isn't, who's following, who's left...I think because our blogs are often such a personal space for us, it's easy to take everything to heart. I have to step back and remember why I'm blogging, what's important about it, who these strangers are and what they really mean to me.

Keep it up!

Elizabeth said...

Always love visiting and "hearing" your thoughts. I think most of us have evolved our blogs. Mine was supposed to be book and movie reviews and quickly became about crafts and collecting, then a few months later I was approached by a publisher and now it's back to more book reviews!
I have recently re-organized who and how I follow. I couldn't get the point of following all over the place, so I went through my various spots, FB, Twitter, blogs, and though about how I communicate with each person and where I wanted to continue following. So I didn't "dump" anyone, just maybe one of the ways I was following.

Brian Miller said...

take it or leave it...once its out there is no going back...some may like, some may not...if they never give you the chance to respond...its their loss. i think twitter followers are even more fickle...i dunno.

Alice in Wonderland said...

I always try to leave a comment on my blog roll, and just recently I have found out why my comments weren't being shown! Well, you know when you have a lot of people to write to, and you are trying to make sure that no one gets left out, well me, being me, I just write and move on, but I have just found out that sometimes you have to wait for a few seconds because a word verification thingy pops up without you knowing about it!
I hope that I have explained that properly, and that you know the thing that I mean! It's really annoying!

jessalyn said...

i stumbled upon your blog because you left a comment at martinis or diaper-genies and i liked your icon and name! :)
and to see you are from MA like me, i had to follow! i, myself, am too chicken to start my own blog, so i just follow everyone else and comment all over theirs. i'm glad i found you blog!

*uncorked said...

It's so hard to keep up with all the blogs I get addicted to, but I always try and come by to see what you've been up to - I mean, we're vodka ladies. It's hard when a reader doesn't understand your sense of humor, and of course it's hard to grasp tone through typing, but just know that I think you're funny and witty and lovely and will never un-follow (word?) you.

Yankee Girl said...

I really take my time looking for blogs to follow. Once I'm a follower I usually don't turn back.

Though there are a ton of blogs I would love to read everyday, there just doesn't seem to be the time. And this month I have been especially MIA because of NaNoWriMo. I feel so out of the loop!

I always enjoy reading!

Tamela said...

I love reading your blog and try to comment when I have time. I usually have read it, just didn't have the time to comment and that moment.

Then I either forget or you have already written a new post so I just comment on it!

MiMi said...

We need a sarcasm font. We do, you just can't tell sometimes and it ruins it to actually have to put the word in there.
Anyway, gleeks. Haha! When I was in h/s a gleek was some weird thing you did with your tongue to make it spit.

adrienzgirl said...

Oh, I wouldn't fret too much. I am not sure how someone who has a fun blog and posts something funny gets easily offended?! Strange. I have lost followers, and gained them. I am always at a loss when they leave, it's usually something trivial.

But, "C'est la vie" ya know? There is always someone out there that no matter what you say, what you do, they will find issue.

Love, A fellow GLEEk

WhisperingWriter said...

I can be pretty bad at commenting thanks to my two year old. She'll get insulted if I'm on the computer too long. And if it's not her, it's my husband who hogs the computer. We really need wireless internet. Big time.

Steven Anthony said...

I love your blog.....I dont know about others, but I sometimes get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the amount of blogs I follow...but I do have my favorites, yours is one of them;)

btw: yes, do musical mondays, I thinks it so cool you like them;0

otin said...

I have brought this up before....Blogger sometimes will drop you from following someone without you knowing it. There are at least 5 blogs that I had to refollow because of blogger. Sometimes it is that. Sometimes people follow a blog at first and then months later, they want to cut down on their follow list and drop the ones that they do not frequent.

The Blabbers said...

Sounds like you handled the comment chaos with grace. We agree that sometimes life gets crazy but returning the comment is hopeful and optimal! So here we are returning the comment love! Thanks for stopping by Blabbing About Blogs! Hope to see you back soon!

marymac said...

Dude, I totally feel ya. As you know I wrote a post last week about being 'ignored' and whatever (one friends called it 'going all emo' and another called it 'blogging with my bitch on' lol!) and then there were two entire negative posts written about me on other blogs! I was like whaaaaa?
I know it hurts to be unfollowed, but I have begun to realize that as writer/bloggers, some people 'get' us and some don't and it's cool (it would just be cooler if the people who don't get us would, um, not read our blog!).
I am so thankful for my readers as I know you are. Keeping up with tweets/commenting and all can be sooo hard when there's only so much time in the day- but hopefully we all realize we're dancing as fast as we can!
And baby? Ya gotta just keep on dancin'!
Hang in there!

Melissa B. said...

I have been so completely bogged down with work and with life that I haven't commented at anyone's site for almost a week. I love tending to a blog-the care and the nurturing and the LOVE that goes into the writing are all very important to me. I, like you, don't really "get" the ADD of the blogosphere, who flit here and there, never really lending anything of substance in their wake.

One Sassy Girl said...

Ah, the art of commenting! The way I see is if the comments that either rile me up or get me rolling with laughter often inspire a new post topic or remind me how fun this blog thing is.

I hear you on the too much life, too little time for blogging topic. I used to be a fabulous commenter. Now, I work too much. My new job has me working 6 days a week and on call half the time, so while I maintain a blog for all the reasons I started it, I struggle to reciprocate the comment love I get. And I feel the disappointment of it in myself.

Yet another thing to feel I'm not doing as well as I'm capable of!

Keep up with your classy blog style. You handled that situation like a pro.

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

I love coming to your blog and have only been a sucky bloggy friend lately because this NaBloPoMo stuff is sucking the life out of me! I am sure I will lose some followers simply due to crappy posts! Uh Oh! No, I am trying and it is taking a lot more time that I usually use to blog with buddies like you and read and comment. I think you did the right thing but in the long run yu are right - we don;t mean to offend and we can try to apologize when we know who to apologize to but sometimes I can;t figure out who came and who went. Anyway I am still here! XOXO

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

Okay somehow I was dropped from your followers but that is because my whole google account stinks. I am back!

A.J.Johnson said...

A unique and enjoyable blog, interesting and well written; a joy to follow.

Writing and Art

redkathy said...

Hey there, funny I should show up for this post, been real busy lately. I do enjoy visiting here and I hear you loud and clear. I think it only proper to let fellow bloggers know what one is thinking. And for me returning a comment is a must. It says, hey I like your stuff, I'm here and thanks for stopping by to visit me too! I follow a ton of blogs, like two hundred and something! Some have stopped and I don't visit. Sometimes I get through all the new posts. Life doesn't always allow for that, I understand. I don't take it personal and I hope others feel the same.

Will Burke said...

Some people -- if they want to be offended, they'll find their reasons. I'm usually reading your posts ("Usually," 'cause life happens), but I tend not to comment if their are already more than 15, concerned that I'll just get lost in the shuffle, but know that I'm here! Thanks for being a faithful commenter on mine, always a great contribution! PS Callie is 8 weeks old now :)

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

Oh the comment life. It's so hard to keep up. I'm trying to do like a 3-4 day cycle of commenting. I don't know how these people do it with like a thousand followers!

ps I think somehow I'm following you twice??

Trac~ said...

I love your blog and I know I've not been able to comment as often due to my office blocking it plus I've not gotten home from work until really late, but I am still checking in on you every day and will try to comment in the mornings at the very latest. Big hugs! Trac- :o)

carma said...

some people need not take things so seriously. I can't believe someone unfollowed you over a blog comment. I can't see that you would have ever said anything rude. But hey, at least it gave you a topic for a blog post! Wondering if they are still secretly reading your blog anyway ;-)

Sandy said...

One of the most difficult parts of blogging for me is keeping up with reading all the bloggers I enjoy. I know it's important to read people if I want them to read me. But as you said, with a fulltime job and all the other parts of life, I sometimes fall behind.

Regarding a reader being offended by something which would cause he/she to stop following....I'd say forget them! We should all know that sometimes comments might not come out quite the way we intended partly because they are written and it's hard to put the proper inflection on what we write sometimes but seriously, grow a thicker skin!

slacker-chick said...

I have commenters guilt! I don't even have a job (yet!) and I get so behind on the blogs I follow it is ridiculous - you think I should mention in future interviews that I need time every day to keep up with my blogger friends? Maybe not, huh?

Concord Carpenter said...

I came across your blog today, spent some time and think you are worthy of following.

Like you I do my best to follow - using reader.

If a post lures me further I go to the blog, if not just read it in google reader.

You need to remember that followers can view your blog in a reader and the blog-site counter will not see that.


Anonymous said...

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