Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This poem was originall posted on December 23, 2008. I am reposting this poem as my blog mojo is lacking at the moment. I have a few ideas in my head but need to expand on them.

When this was posted I think I had maybe two followers so I figure this will be new to most of you...and I am so thrilled to have so many followers now.

If I recall the inspiration was a tough time my youngest was having with a school chum and my own disillusion with a friend of my own....


I finally get it,
Although I always did.
I hate to admit things,
To be told the truth, god forbid.

Avoidance is something,
I don't understand.
Why not be honest,
And say what is at hand.

Easy come, easy go,
It is easy to say.
Too bad I don't buy it,
The price too high too pay.

As I have said often,
It was always for fun.
But it appears that's too much,
So it's easier to run.

Some play mates and friendships,
As I see them are one sided.
Another thing I don't get,
Since that is always misguided.

Young or old, it happens,
And let's hope only once.
For what friendship needs,
Is faith, truth, and balance.


WhiteSockGirl said...

I love it!!!! And it is so true, Friendship needs just that, faith, truth and balance.

The Good Cook said...

People come into our lives at different times, for different reasons... some stay for awhile, some for years, some just a short time. If we are lucky, everyone of them taught us something about ourselves... anyway, that is the way I choose to look at people in my life...

Hey, you won the Autumn giveaway... email me your address and I'll ship it out to you!

Tamela said...

Great poem. You have some awesome skills!

Alice in Wonderland said...

I agree with The Good Cook on this. People come and go in your life, but they all leave their own mark and impressions on it.

MiMi said...

So true.

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Hi! I had quite a time with my blog. Will come and read this post later.

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otin said...

Words to live by! I hate that whole avoidance thing!

Lola Lakely said...

I love it! Mostly because this line resonates with me the most "Why not be honest,And say what is at hand."

Great poem.

plainolebob said...

VL, man I have seen that over and over, you said it, I read it, you wrote it and it was the best.

Joanne said...

Love Love Love the last two lines. If I still did cross-stitch I would have to ask your permission to recreate those lines.

blueviolet said...

You said that so beautifully!

carma said...

Well said, says this "Queen of Avoidance" :D

Live.Love.Eat said...

Balance is always what I am aspiring to achieve. Always. And when I am in a funk it's because things are off balance.

LOVE your header by the way. Makes me want to reach in my freezer for the Goose but I am detoxing this week and no drinkies for me. Shucks.

Samsmama said...

That was excellent, and oh so true! Nicely done! And yes, The Good Cook nailed it on the head!

Melissa B. said...

Lovely! Snuggled up next to you at SITS this morning, galfriend!

Life's a Beach

JennyMac said...

Balance is so key. As always, love your work. And am so happy for all your success to Laura. :)

Velva said...

So true! Loved this poem. Thanks for sharing it again.

Yankee Girl said...

Fabulous poem. So many relationships are one-sided....it's hard to maintain balance.

Aulawi Ahmad said...

i love this poem...simple but touch :)

RW @ TrueBeauty said...

Just stopping by from SITS...great poem!

maya said...

I like the "young or old" part

Trac~ said...

WOW - I love this poem and ironically it hits VERY CLOSE TO HOME when it comes to my used to be dearest and best friend in the world - that was actually "one-sided" with ME doing all the work on the friendship once I moved away. :o(((

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

This is so very true and elegantly written. I'm following you now.