Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Southern Cross

Someone commented, wondering if I wrote the last poem. I write everything that is posted here and if I don't I will give credit to the author. The last poem actually happened. I did learn to swim in Wales at the base of a broken down castle. I used the swimmies as well. We had gone to Wales with another family and because my father was called away, he was in the Air Force, he was unable to come. My mother was there to encourage as it says. The house we stayed was a Roman stable that had been converted to a cottage. The only "license" taken was the year it took place. Needed the rhyme........

Southern Cross

They met in an unusual way,
Two worlds apart, didn't sway.

The feelings that grew between,
Tried to resist, but soon seen.

No one knows when they will find,
The love that happens, one of a kind.

Unfullfilled, not unrequited,
Wishing for more, to be united.

Time will tell what is in store
For these two, who dream of more.

Do the stars decide the fate?
Of how long the lovers have to wait.

The touch, the hugs they miss
Under the Southern Cross their first kiss
dedicated to a couple I know.


Ekanthapadhikan said...

That's a beautiful poem. I liked the lines - "Unfullfilled, not unrequited,
Wishing for more, to be united.

Time will tell what is in store
For these two, who dream of more. "

Very well written!

Yaya said...

Wow, very talented!!!

Gloria said...

Classy, very classy!

parentingBYdummies said...

Funny someone would ask you if you wrote the poem since it clearly states that you did in the first sentence of your post. Oh well, either they weren't paying attention or they have no idea how awesome you are:)! Nice work!

JennyMac said...

You are great, L. And what a tribute to your friends. I hope they get a chance to read it today.

Betty said...

That's a great poem!
Absolutely you're a poet

Betty said...
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blueviolet said...

That is beautiful! You could publish these, you know. :)

Stephanie Faris said...

Beautifully written. I wondered if it was written for someone you loved but then I read the end!

Will Burke said...

Learning to swim at the foot of an English castle sounds pretty freakin' epic!
Finally went through your NYC pics; thanks for taking us along! Now I got a hankering to visit. And for sushi, it's been too long since Ive had sushi!

dani66 said...

wow thats really are very talented luv ya BNIALW xx

Steven Anthony said...

Awwwwww that first kiss...your words made me think back to mine....thanx for the memories;)

beautiful written, truly;)

Lisa Anne said...

Wow that poem was amazing. You have a true talent. It made me think of my Mom and Dad and how long he has to wait to be with her again.

I miss my MOm. She was the best!!

Come see my Halloween Spooktacular on my blog. I promise it's actually not scary at all. lol


well i know it has something to do with australia b/c my husband is from there and the southern cross - i believe - is on there flag

great poem

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. This is really beautiful! I always love what you write and click away inspired.

Amethyst Moon said...

Beautiful, as always. I too always leave inspired. Thanks!

Alicia said...

that's beautiful! you always make me smile :)

MiMi said...

Very beautiful! Can I just say that swimming in a moat would scare the crap outta me? I'd be looking for gators, I tell ya! Gators!

Joanne said...

That was beautiful. Made me smile because my boy from the Southern Cross kissed me the first time under the North Star - LOVE IT!!!

Sassy Chica said...

I enjoy reading your poems, I think you are FABULOUS!!

Sassy Chica

Mrs Montoya said...


kel said...

SO beautiful!!!!! love this!!!

Blog Stalker said...

Really liked this. Long distant relationships are hard but can make a couple stronger too.


Have a great day!

Blog Stalker said...
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Nap Warden said... know I am in awe of your mad poetry skillz:)

Sophia's Mom said...

what a beautiful poem!
You are so talented!

is it the vodka or does it come naturally? ;-P

Theta Mom said...

I love your poems, and I am cracking up right now reading Sophia's Mom's last commment! LOL

Vodka Logic said...

In most cases I would like to think it came naturally. but there have been some vodka induced poems before..... funny Sophie.

It was pretty "epic" living in the UK when i was I look back on it. Was just the way it was then.

And MiMi no gators or dragons etc in Wales. They were all slain years ago by the knights..

I do appreciate all the comments and the fact I might inspire or move someone really makes happy. Sounds corny but it is true. It is very humbling to think people actually like the poems.

Blogging for the most part is easy but the poems come from a different place. Thank you all for reading.

Anonymous said...

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