Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reality Doesn't Suck

I find it interesting how much I like to watch  food shows, since I really don't like to cook. I can cook if I want to but don't really like to on a regular basis. Like house work I do get inspired sometimes. I am lucky that my husband is a good cook and doesn't seem to mind. I do however like to eat.

I should clarify that I don't watch the how to cooking shows I like the reality ones. Top Chef, Chefs vs  City, Chopped and on BBC America there is The F Word and Kitchen Nightmares. My favorite of all is Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay. I know he is raunchy and foul most of the time, but I still love his shows.

It always amazes me when contestants or restaurant owners get upset with him, have they not seen his shows? It is his "shtick".

Also going for him is... I think he is fit. A bit rough looking perhaps but there is something about the whole package that intrigues me... interests me. Look at those blue eyes in the picture and the cheeky grin.

There are also some other foodie shows that are really strange like Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel, that man will eat anything and I mean anything. I had to cover my eyes  as he ate a roast pig from head to tail.. and by tail I mean tail, brains to a**hole. Also on the travel channel is Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations he too will eat what ever is put in front of him. I would love to travel with them sometime I would probably lose some weight.  Also on Food Network is Unwrapped about how foods etc are made and Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. As I scroll through the show lists there are a lot I have seen at least a few times.

I am pretty much a reality show junkie, not so much the MTV ones, they are really bad but I will admit to having watched Rock of Love more than a few times. I like The Real Housewives shows, in particular the New York and New Jersey wives. I have blogged about them before. Hooked on The Real Housewives and The Real Housewives....

Project Runway is a good one too.. not that I have a lick of fashion sense but I love Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum has to be the most beautiful woman alive. The designers are all characters in their own right.

And how could I forget the cake shows, The Cake Boss is great, there is another one I can't remember the name of.. and of course the cake challenge shows, where three teams complete by cooking/building  a theme cake. These cakes are usually 5 feet tall and amazing.

What reality shows do you watch, if any? I am sure I have forgotten some, embarassingly so, but hey  my reality isn't always so exciting so I get it from these shows.


I would also like to thank everyone for their lovely comments on my 9/11 poem. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the tragic day as well. It always amazes me when people like my poetry and I truely appreciate it.


Ekanthapadhikan said...

I'm not much in to T.V shows. But yes, I have seen a couple of episodes of 'Hell's Kitchen' and yes, Gordon was the reason I watched the show too!

The Vegetable Assassin said...

It's a funny thing though - I watch and love "Kitchen Nightmares" and Gordon Ramsey's all funny and foul mouthed and completely fair, but I can't STAND "Hell's Kitchen" - partly because I don't care if you're known for bluntness and swear like a sailor, you shouldn't be calling anyone a "fat cow" in your kitchen for messing up a dish. He's so mean. Personal insults are just going too far. Even with the idiots he's dealing with. The contestants and their bitchiness just piss me off. I hate them all, seriously. I always wish they'd start a fight using kitchen utensils and take each other out. :)

blueviolet said...

The question should be what reality show DON'T I like? I love, love, love reality!

The Amazing Race is my favorite for sure but I've also been enjoying The Real Housewives series, Rachel Zoe, and Flipping Out this summer. I really will watch anything reality based.


okay i too want to bang gordon ramsey six ways from sunday. it's how he takes life by the balls and doesn't take crap from anyone! I LOVE HIM! I LOVE YOU GORDON!

i watch anything on bravo tv, which is mainly reality, plus some on tlc and fox. too numerous to mention here but chances are if it is reality, i've seen it at least once

Samantha Gianulis said...

the cake boss rocks. i like to imitate his sister's voice..."my brotha is gonnna keeeeel youuuuu!"
but diners, drive ins and dives is my all time favorite.

Captain Dumbass said...

Food shows? Giatta de Laurentis.

Hubba hubba.

*uncorked said...

Yeah, I'm a reality tv whore. Take all the ones you listed, throw in some good Bret Michaels Rock of Love, Charm School, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, Big Brother and my tivo is working overtime. But after doing such serious legal work all day, it's nice to turn my brain off. Gordon Ramsey haunts my dreams - in a sexy, naughty way.

Steven Anthony said...

I love the f word on the bbc....did u see the one with joan so funny.

btw...yes we like your poetry, it rocks!

have a great night my friend

Mr. Condescending said...

I like that cake boss show, I'll sometimes watch reality stuff and fall asleep to it when I get home late.

I saw one episode not too long ago about some guy going after all these fat girls! it was hilarious, all these girls were drooling over this guy I think it was called more to love?

Samsmama said...

I absolutely LOVE Gordon and Hell's Kitchen. Love it! Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, and The Next Food Network star are all good.

I also love the Housewives, although Atlanta is getting on my nerves this season. And while I'm on Bravo I also watch Flipping Out.

I'm also not the best cook, but do find myself watching a lot of cooking shows. The talent intrigues me, and makes me wish I could create the things they do.

Good stuff! Let's get together sometime and watch TV!

Melissa B. said...

Living vicariously...that's where it's at, baby!

marthawarner said...

Okay, no one yet has mentioned Survivor... and I'm shocked and appalled! lol! That one is my all time favorite followed very closely by Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef (any one of them), and Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives...

Just a couple more days until Survivor... woohoo!

King of New York Hacks said...

I hate taxicab confessions...only because they never used me as a driver ...YET !!! LMAO

Vodka Logic said...

Lots of great shows suggested..never got into Survivor although I know plenty that so. No one has mentioned American Idol which go off and on with.
Veggie Assassin I see your point with Gordon, but as I mentioned in the blog they should know what they are "in for" when they sign up.

SFTC you will have to fight me for Gordon..:)

King of NY.. I have never seen taxicab confessions, but do love to watch Cashcab.

Other good reality is on Discover with Ice Road Truckers, Dirty Jobs and The Deadliest Catch...

Told you all I was a junkie..

WhiteSockGirl said...

Oh Oh,... I am a reality tv whore!!!!!!! Top Chef, Survivor, American Idol, South African Idol, Amazing Race,... You name it and I have watched it.

Right now my working life is seriously hectic but I am still finding time, making time, to watch Big Brother Africa 4.

But back to the cooking shows,.. I am not a cook, but I love Top Chef,... I also sometimes watch Nigella Lawson, I think she is awesome.

Inge' said...

For me :
The F Word
Project Runway
Split Ends
The Next Food Network Star
Dives Diners and Drive Ins
Real Housewives in Atlanta they are just so ghetto fabulous!

I used to like Tim Gunn's fashion show but I don't see it on anymore. Too bad because he was really good in that one!

Stephen Chapman... said...

Gordon can be overly harsh - I think I have had enough of his TV programmes for now. I like watching cooking TV though - if only to prove that I cant cook that well... when I think I am pretty good!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Hell's Kitchen are one of the few shows hubby and I watch together... We say the same thing about the contestants that seem 'surprised' by the way he is - they've seen the show, or they wouldn't be on it... ;)

Other than that, Kitchen Nightmares and American Idol are the other reality ones we watch - haven't really gotten into the others, but there are some I might have to check out because people keep saying how great they are! ;)

Lisa Anne said...

I cant stand that show. He's totally over the top. I guess when you are serving food though you need to be trained well.

Keri said...

Hello there. I absolutely Love the name of your blog! And I'm with you on the Food TV thing. Did you know that Gordon Ramsey has been in my bed? Honest, you have to see the post I did about it on It's fun.

Thanks a million, visit me at where I spend most of my time. keri

Mr. Condescending said...

Vodka, I heard your favorite reality show is "love is in the heir"

Cole said...

Stopping by from SITS...I am totally addicted to reality shows. It drives my hubby craaazy!

Rosie said...

Ok true confessions for me:Dancing with the stars and American Idol.
Embarrassing but true. Love them!
I watched hells Kitchen when my friends son (Ralphie) was on season 1, but when he came in second i was pissed so i stopped.

(and i watched rock of love.....)

Will Burke said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog! Can I be the first today to say I love the name of your blog?
Not a big Reality fan, but my wife & I enjoy Hell's Kitchen. He's fun to impersonate, and my wife likes to impersonate him professionally: she's an absolute wizard in the kitchen! Lucky Me! He's really only an asshole in the kitchen, though, any out-of-kitchen scene's, and he's a sweetheart! Was the 'Other Cake One' the Ace of Cakes? That's a fune one, but I'll leave 'em all behind for a good NCIS

Joanne said...

Ahh for the most part I could have written this post - I LOVE Food shows, but I am not fond of cooking. I liken it to being like an impotent man watching porn.

I escape from my own reality with reality show - I think though for the most part I love the skill type shows, Top Chef, Top Designer, Project Runway etc etc. I personally don't watch the singing or dancing but LOVE Amazing Race. Pretty much anything to distract me from real life.

I wonder how many of the producers realize many of us want to escape reality by watching other people's reality??

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I am a reality TV junkie: Big Brother, Hell's Kitchen, Real Housewives, Survivor, Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars...
my poor DVR works overtime!