Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lost Dreams

What do you do about tomorrow,
When you're not so sure of today.
All the dreams you had when  young,
Are gone or fading away.

Is it too late to dream again,
Of a future bright and clear.
One that, ensures this time,
No worry, pain or fear.

I'd like to think the answer, no.
Time makes no difference at all.
When one falls or gets delayed,
You dust off and get up from the fall.

Thoughts and words so wise and smart,
You would think it an easy go.
Not for me it never seems,
There is no quid pro quo.


Yankee Girl said...

It hard to dream when we get older. Even harder to hold on to the dreamer we once were. Great poem.

I think it's important to try and laugh every day and do something that is only for ourselves, something that makes us happy. If we can find one thing that makes us happy, the dreaming comes just a little easier.

Tamela said...

Great Poem. I don't dream as often as I wish I did. I used to day dream all the time, but now I don't have the time.

blueviolet said...

Now that I'm an empty nester, I think about this all the time. Do I just settle for where I am or do I go back and finish goals I never completed and reach for dreams I once had. I totally relate to this post.

Tamela said...

My tweets are protected thats why its asking for a login. You can just hit cancel.

Vodka Logic said...

ok problem since I get to read them ;)

Kim Kasch said...

Love your poem!

Here's one you inspired me to do:

All Because of You

Growing old
– it’s not so hard to do
Not as long as I have you
It’s been 26 years . . . plus
Since the two became us

I still have dreams left to share
But what matters is you still care
Every day is one more chance
To share life’s glorious dance

So my dreams have all come true
Simply fulfilled in loving you

Inge' said...

This is a lovely poem. I no longer dream like I used to either. I have decided it is because I am too busy talking to myself:)

Lola Lakely said...

I wish I could express myself in poems as beautifully as you just did.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Great poem and blog

Wend's Place said...

Aww I felt that my last dream was over only last week. I announced to the world that I needed a new dream and then all of a sudden what I wanted to do happened out of no where.

I think making changes in the way we view ourselves and our responses is difficult. Moving through and into a new life is challenging.

LMJ said...

I enjoyed this poem (I usually don't read poems) very much! I don't mind getting old, but I fear that I might stop dreaming as I get older.

WhiteSockGirl said...

Oh I love this. Dreams are so important, but darn,.. should make time for dreams!

Vodka Logic said...

Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it, esp with the poems that are so much more personal.

And great poem Kim xx

Lisa Anne said...

REally great poem. I have to admit Greys took a turn downhill during and after the writers strike, but IT'S BACK BABY with a vengence. My god it's BACK. I think if you watch the last 3 episodes of season 5, you'll be just as excited for season 6.

lol. I think I need a lot of therapy to help my addiction. lol

Makeup Theory said...

Great poem. I'm reading a book, How Did I Get Here, and a big part is about dispelling the lie that anyone is too old to dream. It's not true. You may not be able to capture a dream previously sacrificed, but hey, dream a new dream. They are obtainable until you are no longer breathing!

Captain Dumbass said...

I hope it's not too late since I'm starting fresh myself.

Alicia said...

i love it!! but i hope we never give up on our dreams...perhaps we just find new ones!

parentingBYdummies said...

Nice poem. It reminded me of something sad.

WhiteSockGirl said...

Love it! Absolutely love it.

I have something for you on my site. Something about zombies and chickens,...

Mrs4444 said...

This is brilliant.