Saturday, September 26, 2009

The evenings fun

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In case you can't read the small print, this is a ticket to a comedy club. The guy who sold it to us, in Times Square, seemed anxious to get rid of it. It was normally $40 person and he sold it to us for $20 for both of us. So we bought...... and we walked and we walked and I was starting to think we had been ripped off since we couldn't find the club.....but we did eventually. Phew...but turns out because we didn't have reservations we were on a waiting list for the 9pm show. Damn. I would never stay awake for the 11pm show. Well we did get in but had kinda crappy seats but no bother we could hear the comics and they were funny. I will go into that more later.

Reminder though if you ever go there, drink beer. The liquor is well brand and SUCKS. The vodka was awful.... but I drank it anyway, had no choice and not much of a beer drinker.

Talk more later off to wonder  a drizzly NYC.


Steven Anthony said...

Ok seriously....NY, sushi, grey goose and now broadway...ah, Im dying here.... :)

A bit jealous, but glad u r having a good time..


Stephanie Faris said...

THAT looks like fun! I'm watching a Lifetime movie and writing while my boyfriend is off playing Poker with his friends. I need to learn your trick!

Kristen said...

At least it was a good ticket. That would've totally sucked!

carma said...

yay! I'm glad you didn't get ripped off...