Monday, July 13, 2009

Where in the World are my Readers

Blogging has been interesting to say the least. When I first started I only posted my poems but then when I had no inspiration for a while my blog sat silent, so I decided to blog "conventionally" from time to time. Mix it up so to speak. I like it better this way. Not sure about everyone else but for me it makes it more interesting and varied.

I have always had the Flag chart showing where my readers came from and it has proved interesting as well. At first I got people from here and there, a few at a time. I joined a couple of blog sites that help you promote your site and things have expanded a bit. Funny at first I didn't care who read or how many, but then I became more obsessed with spreading "my" word. Don't know why, nothing I say will ever change the world but why share if no one is going to read it. Anyway it has been fun to see the numbers grow and the number of countries expand.

I have now had visits from 57 different countries, cool. Most of them I have heard of, some not. I get a laugh out of a few of them,Unknown - European Union with 4 visits. If anyone knows where Unknown European Union is let me know. :-)

They are listed in order of the countries with the most visits, US being number one, for obvious reasons I suppose. Britain and Australia next, as I have a lot of friends in those countries as well. Some other interesting countries are, Brunei Darussalam with 2 visits, Sri Lanka with 2 visits, Pakistan with 10..that's kinda cool and my newest country is Oman.. I need to google where that is... geography was too many years ago to admit.

I hope to get more countries and will not rest until I have been visited by the world !! Unrealistic? Probably but hey, we all need a goal.


JennyMac said...

Its a great goal...and I love the mysterious European Union visitors. Secret spies? Undercover agents? Or just people looking for a good time?

Carol said...

I find it crazy that your interests are similar to mine but I never thought of the flag counter. I need to get that because I love stats. Well I know I have been busy working on survival but glad to be back.

Wonk said...

You know, I felt much the same as you when I first decided to start my blog. I thought of it as something just for me...that I didn't really care if people read or not.

Yeah, that lasted all of about 3 days before I changed my mind on that one, LOL. Our little piece of the world may be small but yes, of course we all want to be heard. I can still remember the first person to comment on my blog - I was honestly thrilled to bits.

My favourite kind of blogs are the ones that post on all sorts of things. It's like reading a magazine, you don't have to like everything in it, but sometimes you stumble on to something interesting that you'd have completely missed if you just stuck with a single topic site.

Good luck with your world wide domination! ;)