Saturday, July 25, 2009

No Oscar nomination and World domination

So I went to my doctor and then to employee health and was told I could go back to work three nights a week (I normally work 5). No acting required, no "cough cough", just plane and simple I need to cut back my hours for now. I really am pleased about it since after my first week back I spent the weekend sleeping.

When you work nights, at "my" hospital it consists of Friday and Saturday night. Friday is part of one week, Saturday part of the following week. I usually work the Sunday night too, which for a night person is it? Ok. The nurse in employee health was not too thrilled that I would be working the weekend, but I did explain that every night is basically the same. Two techs and what ever happens, stabbing, gun shots, falls, or liver transplants can happen any night of the week so it made no difference. We will just count the week end towards the 3 nights a week. She conceded but said no to working Sunday night.. who am I to argue.

The night went well, we were steady busy, not crazy which was good. Enough to keep me awake but not so busy I was running around. There was at least one stabbing..not sure the outcome of the patient but he didn't require any units of blood. There were falls and plenty of abdominal pain but nothing too drastic. It was like riding a bike.. I will work again tonight and then have 3 off and work 2 more...trouble is I could get used to this..I have plenty of sick time so will get paid for 5 nights, which is good. But no sense wishing I could work less hours for real, college bills, food bills, mortgage payments, and vodka to buy.

Excuse me while I go back to bed......

There is good news, I no longer take a blood pressure pill for now, and my diuretic has been reduced. A few extra arthritis strength tylenol have been added for the aches and pains but I think the trade off is good. (those are my pills in the picture lol)

Not a good seque (why does my autospell check say segue is spelled wrong, google confirmed it?) but I now have 61 country flags. 61 countries have visited my blog.
Some are probably mistakes, they were looking for vodka recipes or logic (none here) but ended up here. Who am I kidding of course they were all looking for me and my wisdom. (insert rolling eyes smilie) The newest country is Honduras, I bet they have a huge blogging community there.

World domination is getting closer, I can feel it. (off to google how many countries there are on the planet...)


JennyMac said...

Honduras bloggers are everywhere.. :) Hope you have a great weekend.

Fer*Cambe said...

Yeah, I think maybe it was their president, since getting kicked out of office by the military he's either looking for some answers on getting it back here or has lots of extra time on his hands now

Vodka Logic said...

Your comments are as good as your blogs ladies.. Thanks

fiftyodd said...

THis is great - to find another blogger over fifty - and with a sense of humour! I'll be back!

fiftyodd said...

THis is great - to find another blogger over fifty - and with a sense of humour! I'll be back!