Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rolling Stone and Maxim magazine

A couple of years ago I bought a two year subscription to Rolling Stone magazine through one of my daughters school fund raisers. It was a good deal so why not. I read it each month, the music bits anyway, and then tossed it. I didn't resubscribe since it is a bit, well a lot left wing for me. For my music news I prefer Q Magazine. It is British and that is where my music preferences mostly lean..there are exceptions however. Q is good about including American music news, especially the bigger bands. So each month I put out the $10 for it, a month after it is out in the UK even. I digress... a few months ago I started receiving Rolling Stone magazine again. I didn't subscribe, it just started showing up in the mail box, no big deal as before I read the articles that interest me and then recycle it. I figure they are trying to get me to resubscribe won't work but I will read it for free.

Today I get the mail and I am now getting a new magazine, addressed to me. The magazine you ask....Maxim. I always thought that was a mens magazine. As far as I know Vodka is a girls name. No mind I will have a read, maybe I can learn something about men, then I'll pass it on to my husband.


JennyMac said...

Vodka IS so clearly a girl's name. LOL. Maxim does have some sassy bits in it. Share all you learn.

Fer*Cambe said...

Same thing happened to me!! My thing evolved from Radar Magazine - US Weekly - Women's Fitness - Maxim.. I guess Maxim always throws in a couple magazines after every one else has a shot huh?

Vodka Logic said...

I like sassy, I will share all I find out.

Welcome Fer*Cambe xx