Friday, July 24, 2009

Rob Thomas, Indiana and Back to work

I have tickets to see Rob Thomas at The Mohegan Sun in November. I am very excited about it. He will be a new addition to my concert list. Opening for him is Carolina Liar and OneRepublic both good bands as well. The seats aren't the best but the venue seems ok.. but no worries will still hear the music. One gig ends and I get the shakes until I have another concert lined up.

I have also bought plane tickets for my 14 year old and I to visit a friend in Indiana. We met on line and have become fast friends. We have a lot in common, including 14 year old daughters. I hope they hit it off as well, Rush and I have bars to visit. Seriously though the girls seem to have similar interests as well.

And to be safe I bought flight insurance, the way my vacations have been going this year I thought it would be wise to buy in case I come down with some other disease... any suggestions?

Work resumes tonight and a 12 hour shift as well. I don't do many of them but we all have to take turns filling in the open shifts and I signed up for this one months ago. I also have appointments with my doctor and employee health today. I do "cough, cough" feel an Oscar worthy "cough, cough"performance coming my way.... " I would like to thank....."

I will let you know.

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