Friday, July 31, 2009

Radomness and disjointed thoughts

I have a new display picture.. it was a great martini I had in a great restaurant in Boston called Durgin Park. I like being able to see the whole glass as apposed to the previous picture.

Why is it when you are getting ready to go away for the weekend it starts to pour outside? We are on our way to Rockport Massachusetts as soon as my daughter gets out of work, I hope the weather brightens up. My biggest decision is whether to bring the laptop or not. Could I manage a weekend without it. I am leaning towards trying. Problem is I sleep horribly and would hate to be awake in the middle of the night without something to distract me. I always have my BlackBerry but it isn't quite the same for midnight surfing. (edit to add.. husband handed me a case and said, this should work for the laptop.. how could I say no)

I hate logging onto itunes. It takes forever to load and it asks me to download the newest version each time and for some reason it doesn't cooperate. (this on the creaky desktop that needs to be purged) Now it won't recognize my ipod. I have some new cds to add and HAVE to have them before I leave for the weekend.... Good news I did finally get it to work and it now recognizes my ipod and Beck, OneRepublic and Queen Latifah are safely loaded. I now have 1500+ songs on it and room for about a million more. Anyone have suggestions.

Got a nice surprise when we arrived at the hotel..the wifi works in the room. They say they had it in the lobby but since reception isn't guaranteed in the room they don't promote it.. well we must be close enough to the lobby, cuz I am getting it "loud and clear" Addicted? Who me?.... "My name is Vodka Logic and I am an internet addict"

We had a lovely dinner at the Gloucester House which is quite famous. Some of you older readers may remember that a Bewitched was filmed there once. Gloucester is a fishing town so only the freshest fish is served.. Anyone heard of Gortons Fish? The plant is across the street from the restaurant. No fish sticks in the restaurant, thank goodness.

It is 6am Saturday morning and it looks dreary and over cast outside, hopefully nice enough to go shopping. I never complain about NOT putting on a bathing suit. The stores here are quaint like the town and there are also a lot of art galleries. More lobster for lunch? No vodka, I didn't drink enough water last night and have a touch of a headache. Rockport is a dry town but you can get drinks in the restaurants now.. we stopped at a liquor store in Gloucester before coming back to the hotel. Bloody Mary perhaps...where's the cafe?

Been enjoying my free Maxim magazine. There are some funny bits in the beginning, the editors answer the mail and they like to be snarky. There is a joke section too that is a laugh. I read an article about girls who like one night stands and another which suggested good restaurants around the country. You can also vote on your favorite Maxim lady from across the US, I haven't decided which I like best. ;-) I also found out a coworker friend gets Maxim now delivered for free, I will have to ask her what she thinks of it... it is certainly better than Rolling Stone which is biased and too liberal for me.

Ok enough rambling from me today.. back to bed in hopes of a bit of sleep and the end of this headache... I'll share some of Tuck's saltwater taffy with you all later. xx

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La Belle Mere UK said...

Sounds like you're having a fantastic time! Incidently I live near a place called Gloucester in England - the original one I expect!! ;-)

I couldn't have left my laptop behind either. It would be like losing a limb!

Happy SITS Saturday sharefest.

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B xxxx