Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Concert History... it Rocks

I love to go to live shows, it is my hobby. Over the years I have been to quite a few concerts.

This is my list, as chronological as I can remember. Some are opening bands, often as good if not better than the headliner. I have also forgotten some of the opening bands.

Elton John July 4, 1976 (the Bicentennial for those too young to remember )
Again in the 80's
Micheal Murphy
Dave Mason
David Bowie
The Kinks
Marshall Tucker Band
Jonathan Edwards (anyone remember The Shanty Song)
Hewey Lewis and the News
Phil Collins (not sure if with Genesis or solo)
Jethro Tull
Some reggae bands.
Pink Floyd without Roger Waters
Steely Dan
Robbie Williams (in Mexico City)
The Virgins
Snow Patrol
O.K. Go
Silver Sun Pickups
Roger Waters
Rocco Deluca and the Burden
James Morrison
Panic at the Disco
Hush Sound
Motion City Soundtrack
Stereophonics... the best gig to date :D
People in Planes
I Nine
Pat Monahan
Jason Mraz
The Make Peace Brothers
Ryan Adams
Oasis :D
Serena Ryder
Eric Hutchinson
Keane (again)
Mat Kearney
Helio Sequence

The Bravery
Green Day (in my youngest words it was epic)

Rob Thomas

Edit 02/08/10 I saw Rob Thomas in December due to a change in his schedule. The opening bands changed to Ryan Star. He was ok but I was disappoint that OneRepublic and Carolina Liar where unable to attend.

I'm sure it counts as a concert in the purest sense but we saw British commedian Eddie Izzard in January

I have tickets to see Train in March.

Edit 04/07/10 Train was great, no opening act but they made up for it.

Now have tickets for Russell Brand, Lady GaGa and Green Day again :) with AFI opening

Edit 07/06/10 We have now see Russell Brand...very funny and Jimmy Fallon also very funny.
Lady Gaga is done and dusted and next up is Keane and then Green Day..again.

Edit 01/26/11 Keane was amazing again as usual. Fran Healy opened for them. He is the lead singer for Travis and is touring a solo project. I really enjoyed him as well. Also opening for Keane was Ingrid Michealson

Green Day was AMAZING. They know how to entertain an audience for hours.. and hours.

We went to the House of Blues and saw Say Anything, Motion City Soundtrack and another band who's name I have forgotten. MCS was the only one we enjoyed.

Next up is Elton John.. I can't wait.

Edit 03/27/11

Saw Elton John and Leon Russell.

Just saw Jeff Beck

The Main

Coming up
Train with Maroon 5 and Gavin DeGraw [opening]

Motion City Soundtrack

Foo Fighters

Beady Eye


Heather Taylor said...

David Bowie! He is beyond amazing. What year did you see him in?

Fer*Cambe said...

Hey! Look at you, pretty impressive, hope you liked the Bravery concert, and can't believe you were at a Robbie Williams concert in DF, me too...!

Vodka Logic said...

HI Heather, welcome... I don't know what year I saw Bowie but it was the '70's sometime.

Fer, what is DF? Where are you from. A few friends and I flew in just for the concert.
The Bravery was good as an opening band for Green Day but GD blew them away.

rosie said...

your list made me think of what mine would be. first concert-Bobby sherman! i was 12 i think. My list is very eclectic. Guess Who, neil diamond, Chicago, earth wind & fire, kansas, nsync twice, (wuth teenager haha)tim mcgraw and faith hill, frank sinatra and wayne newton, huey lewis, beach boys, i know there's more. we are not far apart in age but my list seems so...dated.

Vodka Logic said...

To have seen Frank Sinatra would have been amazing. My 20 yo daughter loves him. I have always wanted to see Wayne Newton but been laughed at.

Eclectic is the best way.. keeps it interesting.

Thanks and welcome rosie.

rosie said...

my best friend at the time (i think it was 1980) was a huge frank fan, and he was appearing at a ronald regan fundraiser, so we got tickets and went. (and we werent even slightly politically inclined) we werent planning to stay for wayne, but we did, and he was UNREAL. hahaha danke Schoen. we were in our 20's and by far the youngest people there, but it was so great. i am glad to have been able to see him (them)