Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello World

When in the world to behold,
We watch to see the truth unfold.

Wondering where we fit in,
When will our lives truely begin?

Often told age is but a number,
Yet through this life we stumble and slumber.

Too bad the number doesn't match,
What's in my brain wanting to hatch.

Youth is there trying to escape,
But the body unwilling, out of shape.

Damned am I not to let it stop me,
Break the chains, to be set free.

Screw the pain, screw the drain,
It's my turn, my time to reign.

(now if only I could believe it)


JennyMac said...

Love it, L. And do believe it. Your time to reign!

Vodka Logic said...

Thanks Jenn... now it I could just stay healthy