Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me (hopefully)

When I first started this blog, a year ago, it was called "I Was a Snicker Bar Addict". I always figured that would be the name of my autobiography. The title being obvious. This changed over the year and my blogging changed as well. I love blogging and I love reading all the great blogs out there. If you know of a good one please leave me the link.

The following poems are old posts that I wanted to share for a laugh (hopefully) and to let you know what prompted my change in title...

Keep reading and commenting and I will keep entertaining (hopefully), inspiring (hopefully) and laughing (hopefully) along with all of you.

Thanks for the great year xx

Vodka Logic

Vodka logic
The best there is
Follow along if you can.

After a few
With only olives to eat
The effect goes right to your head.

Shaken not stirred
And on ice if you please
Sit back relax, and cheers.


Vodka Logic II

The logic the next morning,
Is always so clear.
Why did I have the last drink.

As I move for the first time off my pillow
To check the time,
Will my head be sore and ache.

No hallelujah,
I have learned the trick,
Lots of water is necessary to drink.

Poor luck to the guy
On the pillow next to mine.
Who is sputtering and moaning, "oh my"


Wonk said...

Happy 1 year blogaversary!

May there be many more to come - which I'm sure there will be as you're blogging for the best reason of all - fun :)

Fer*Cambe said...

I thought that VodkaLogic was the perfect title for this blog and the poems convinced me even further. Happy Anniversary!

JennyMac said...

Happy Blog Bday L!

Vodka Logic said...

Thanks ladies.. and cheers to many more


That one girl said...

Why did you have the last drink? Because it was fun, duh!

hee hee.

Okay, love drinking way too much but I'm more of a Rum girl these days!