Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flu, Day Three

It is day three of my flu, I have a temperature and my whole body aches. Lucky I haven't had the nauseous and runs part of it.... mostly. The worse part is this fever, I haven't taken my temperature but there is no doubt about it. So basically I am living on tylenol, ibuprofen and a few crackers and water.

I have been sleeping off and on around the clock since I started feeling sick and for the most part that is fine, but the body gets sore laying down all the time. Yesterday I moved to the couch downstairs, better tv, other people, and more room to move around. The fan has been on constantly, blowing at me to keep me cool. Trouble is eventually I get cold, go figure.

Luckily my kids are older and can take care of themselves. The older can drive the younger around if need be, and they can get themselves lunch, like I do that anyway. My husband is home in time to make supper so all is taken care of. I know this life of leisure won't last forever but I will take it while I can. I wonder if I can fake a fever once I feel better.... probably won't because I hate feeling sick for real.

I need to feel better for my trip to NYC next week and calling in sick to work right before a vacation never looks good. I am going to try and drag myself in tonight, my last shift, and make it til morning and a training session. Yuck.

How long do I feel like this before I call a doctor, there is swine flu and all... Best part is it is good for the diet and I am sure I have lost a couple of pounds through all of this. I would say down about 12 lbs now. Has to be some benefit from being sick.


AC said...


1000mg/day. It doesn't work for everyone, it doesn't do anything for mom, but it keeps my colds away :)

Vodka Mom said...

i am crossing my fingers that you feel better. FAST!

Vodka Logic said...

Thanks ladies, I think I am on the other side of it now.

fiftypushing said...

You have my sympathy. My husband always gets very sick the minute he goes on vacation. This year was no exception. I've also heard that Echinacea is good. Here in South Africa, the Swine flu is considered to be a fairly mild flu. Our sufferers have got better quite fast. Hope you are better now!

Vodka Logic said...

I am finally starting to feel human, and I did see a doctor and it isn't swine flu. I didnt think it was but one never knows.

Samantha Gianulis said...

How do you feel now? Chicken soup vibes your way =)