Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bloodwork, Boats and Blogs

Hello blog world, I am back and mostly on the mend, only having trouble with some carpal tunnel due to residual fluid retention.. ouch. Again thank you for all the kind comments of well wishes. The doctor called today and my blood work is back to normal, except my potassium is low. She has prescribed a supplement. I promised to eat plenty of bananas and green veggies. She has stopped my blood pressure medicine for a while to see how I do with out. I also take diuretics which with the mono and not eating and drinking made things worse. Lesson learned the hard way. Now if I haven't bored you keep reading, I did manage to get some fun into my vacation week. (the boss even agreed to switch some of it for sick time..wonders never cease)

My oldest daughter and I did go back to Boston the next day to get a better look at the Tall Ships. I didn't realize it but they only come to Boston every 4 years. They are stunning and if they stop in a port near you I recommend a visit. I believe they are headed to Nova Scotia next and then Ireland.

Unfortunately I don't remember the names or countries of a lot of the boats...excuse me ships..but most of the names are hard to pronounce. I have included a few pictures of my favorites. I don't have a fancy camera but I think you will get the idea.
As you can see the day was beautiful and since we took a Boston Harbor Cruise we could relax and enjoy the day. We did walk around later but the arthritic knee got the best of me and we went to Quincy Market Place and had some supper.

We went to Bill's Last Resort, it was fun. Their "thing" is to be insulting and uncaring. The toss the place mats and menus at you and are surly. Our waiter was the king of sarcasm and funny. He knew we "got it" so really played it up. They also make hats out of paper and write funny sayings on them. My daughters said "I still wear diapers, cuz I am lazy".
They tied a balloon in my hair that said, "I am still hot, but now it comes in flashes".
Funny. We had Alaskan King crab legs and K had cheesecake for dessert and I had a strawberry daiquiri...yummy. The day before we went to Legal Seafood and I had a delicious watermelon was basically fresh watermelon blended with Grey Goose vodka... and if you are concerned, why would you be, I only had the one drink each day.. I am recovering ;-)

And I think I have caught up on all the blogs I normally read. Thanks for the laughs mostly and just sharing your thoughts with me and the rest of the world. xx

Boston Skyline


WhisperingWriter said...

Oh my gosh. I think I have to eat at that place. It sounds amusing. Although I tend to tear up when people yell at me...

Mhar's Display said...

Oh my, these photos are wonderful. I would love to visit that place :)