Sunday, February 15, 2009

Random thoughts and I had a poem published!

Just some random thoughts today. It is Valentines Day, well it was, and no romance or chocolates from the husband. It is ok really because I didn't buy him one either. We aren't the romatic types. Sometimes I wish we/he were/was, but it is what it is. I spent the day doing a few chores around the house, which for me is a bit of an accomplishmeht, I am not much on chores. The rest of the day I spent in and out of conciousness, watching 24. I bought the first two seasons recently to watch while I am laid up after my knee injections and have become hooked on it. (the injections are to help preserve what little cartilage is left in my knee and you are required to stay put, with the leg elevated for 24 hours, no the irony of the tv show 24 is not lost on me) Anyway, I started watching it last Tuesday (injection #2) and have watched it when I can since then. Today being a lazy day I watched a fair amount. This coming Tuesday I get injection #3, the final one. I might just have to buy season three to have something to watch. (Not that the DVR player isn't full of recorded shows) This also brings me to the picture on my blog. The one by my profile. I got the idea from another blog, a woman's, who has a hunky picture of Chuck Norris. He isn't my thing but I thought I would rather have some hunky guy on my blog than a picture of me. So now I have a picture of Carlos Bernard, who plays Tony Almieda on 24. Enjoy him as I do, and maybe I will switch it around from time to time. Suggestions welcome.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I have to tackle a chore I have been putting off for too long, clean my desk. I have piles of cds around it and papers multiplying rapidly. I need to see if the printer is working as well. I hate this printer but it is fairly new so I am stuck with it. It is twitchy and drives me insane. One minute it works the next it says it isn't connected. BS I see that it is plugged into the pc. It is an HP and I will never buy another one. The kids keep bugging me to get it hooked up as they have school papers to print and concert tickets (Britney Spears) to print. They have been using flash drives and printing at school. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this printer countless times. So maybe one more time is the charm.

The piles of cds is due to the fact that during the historic ice storm we had this winter my itunes got messed up big time. The links between the songs and itunes have gone missing and the only way to get them back is to reload the cds...or so I am told by a techie geek kid I know. So I dragged out all the cds and one buy one reloading them. I must admit I am tempted not to do some of the kids music (see above Britney Spears) but I suppose being the great (lol) mom I am I will. The husband is tired of the piles and I am too at this point so I suppose I will get to it tomorrow, which is actually today now. (I don't sleep well but that is another story for another day) The good thing is if I look busy I can get out of other house chores like vaccuming (the kids claim I don't know how to turn it on, I do shh) and I get to spend the day on line, chatting with friends or playing backgammon with strangers, (I am getting quite good, at backgammon)

I guess that is it for now, hope whoever reads it gets a bit of a chuckle or a sigh. I am sure I will be back to the depressing poetry soon enough....and speaking of which I would like to mention I actually got a poem published!!!

I entered a poetry contest in a local free newspaper and although I didn't win they published some that were top contenders, and mine was one of them. The poem I submitted was Clarity? It is posted here in October or November, can't remember. I have to admit I am quite chuffed. It is the first time I have ever submitted anything. Might just try again sometime.

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Someone You Don't Know said...

My printer tells me there is no paper in it, which is always a lie because there clearly is. Printers are weird, no doubt.

Congratulations on the poem, you obviously have a talent so you should go for it and try and get more published.