Saturday, October 25, 2014

Life comes full circle

Credit... Me :)

When I was a young bride, even now sometimes, I would call my mom with cooking questions and medical questions, cleaning questions and numerous other things. Most of the cooking questions were simple, I just didn't have the confidence to improvise. (I think it's the Chemistry major coming through.) My mother would drop everything if I was ever too sick to care for myself, Shingles was the one I remember most. She's a great mother and taught me a lot about the "job".

It has come full circle because the other day my youngest daughter called with a cooking question. I don't remember what it was but it made me smile. I believe I actually knew the answer too. She has recently moved into her own apartment and is learning how to cook, and generally be a grown up. It is fun to watch.

She is now sitting with me at my house, healing from having her wisdom teeth out. I went with her to the surgeon and stayed with her until I knew she would be ok.

No matter how old I get I still need my mom and dad. I hope I teach my children to be good moms, and that they continue to come to me when they are moms themselves.

Life is great and I love how the circle continues.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Better late than never

I have been working in the yard the last couple days and it feels good. My daughter and I planted some veggie seeds.. a little late I know, but better late than never.

We put two pallets side by side and filled the gaps with potting soil. We planted the seeds in the gaps.  I imagine we over planted but once the seeds grow, note the optimism, I will thin them out and just nurture the strongest. I am hoping to get some peas, beans, scallions, watermelon and squash out of the efforts.

We also have tomatoes, peppers and a couple herbs in pots. If I can keep the chipmunks and rabbits at bay we may have some fresh veggies, eventually.

It doesn't look like much now, but it was the only way I could think of planting veggies without the back breaking task of digging up the sod. The roots can start in nice soft soil and then grown down into the sod. 

The flower pots got a little attention too and I filled the pots on the front steps and the flower box on the deck. The boots my sister gave me a few years ago got some new plants too. I love the little scene they create.

I'll keep you posted on my harvest.

Do you have a summer garden, what do you grow?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Australia and back again.

Previously I mentioned I was going to Australia on a vacation. It took me a year of saving and planning and it all fell into place like a charm. Flights were on time.. in fact so on time I almost missed the flight to Australia.

I could go on forever what fun I had but it would be too much typing (ie. I'm lazy)

What I want to write about is the wonderful ladies I met while I was there but first a bit of back story.

I met these women in 2006 on a fan site for Robbie Williams (Americans have probably not heard of him but he his a HUGE pop star in the rest of the world). The fan site, Pure Robbie, has since closed but thanks to Facebook we have all kept in touch. We have a few private pages on FB that we have discussed ALL, the ups and downs of our lives. Most of the woman are Australian but there are a few of us that aren't.

They post about their yearly get together s and adventures and finally I decided I was going to be part of them. I got a month off work and started saving and planning the trip.

It arrived on March 26th and I started my long trip to Australia. I was literally nauseous the morning I left, I was so excited and nervous. The nerves were for the trip, not meeting the girls.

The flight was long but mostly uneventful and once I was in Sydney I was greeted by the organizer of the Aussie girls, Leanne. I was off for the adventure of a life time.

When people ask me what was the best part of the trip, it is easy to answer. The ladies I met. They took me into their homes, took vacation time and showed me their country with pride and enthusiasm. When I say I will be back to Australia, it is more to see these woman again as it is to see more of the country.  

Enjoy a few pictures of these amazing woman

The eastern girls.. I felt so honored at the party.

We took a limo to Sydney

Yep I got to meet a koala

 I am in Australia for real!!

I even got to meet up with Pitapat. Robbie Williams fan so no age limit

The Perth, Western Australian girls

Yes we thought he was kinda cute.

I'm feeding a tame kangaroo...and notice her joey. Yep I was amazed

Leanne is one of the most loving and generous people I know

A selfie/photobomb

A few of us at the Twelve Apostles. More beautiful than I could ever explain.